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Welcome to ITCC International

Certification Logos

 ITCC International and ASCB(E) strictly govern the use of the ITCC International logo and the ASCB(E) Accreditation logo. Only companies authorised by ITCC International or its agents may use these Logo's. Full instructions on the use of the logo are as follows:

 You are granted licence to display the logo, in accordance with the conditions described below.

Conditions of Use of Logo

1. These certification marks may only be used in conjunction with a valid (current) certificate and must be accompanied by the certificate number.

2. You are hereby granted licence to display the logo on your Company paperwork, business cards and advertising literature.

3. This licence is valid for the period during which your Company remains a member of the Approved Management Scheme, administered by ITCC International Limited, or until permission is otherwise withdrawn at the sole discretion of ITCC International Limited.

4. ITCC International Limited is not liable for any costs that you or your Company may incur as a result of the withdrawal of the licence.

5. You must not display the logo in a manner which may be construed as approval by ITCC International Limited for any service or product supplied by your Company. Failure to observe this requirement may result in withdrawal of the licence at the sole discretion of ITCC International Limited.

6. The logo may be altered from time to time at the sole discretion of ITCC International Limited. In this case, you will be permitted to continue to use the original logo for a period of up to twelve months after the change, after which time, you must display the new logo only (in the case of vehicles this stipulation may be relaxed at the discretion of ITCC International Limited, all such relaxations must be applied for and granted in writing). Notification of all changes, or proposed changes will be made in writing to all scheme members.

7. Permitted colours are as per logo, no deviations are permitted any enlargement or reduction must be done proportionally.

By using the respective logo(s) you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Once certificate issued client will be sent logon details to download their respective logo(s)